There are a thousand tips out there to keep a healthy weight, lose weight, and build muscle. There are hundreds of diets, some of them just fads, that promise you the world in a fat-free muffin. But if you want a real change, there needs to be a change in the way you approach dieting and healthy living. At our women’s health clinic in Peoria, West Valley Med wants to help women in our community make a real change in their eating and dieting habits.

Keep a Food Journal

From that breakfast burrito to the frozen pizza at night, we understand how busy lives can make eating healthy a challenge. Work, family, and household chores all add up and making a healthy dinner for yourself and possibly a family, it’s more than just hard to fit it in all. We also know that asking you to keep a food journal might not be realistic, but when you clearly see what you are eating throughout the day, the weeks, and the months, it will be slightly easier to say no to the bagel. Along with keeping a journal, with each entry write down why you are eating the extra bowl of cereal. A lot of women may find that they are stress eating or to cope with something else in their lives. Putting a reason behind the food can make a big difference in choosing foods going forward.

Women’s Health Clinic PeoriaConsider Portions

When keeping a food journal is just out of the question, taking small steps in curving the number of calories consumed each day will go a long way to maintaining your weight. Restaurants have taught us that large portions are a normal way of life. So when we’re at home and scooping a plate full of baked chicken with broccoli, even though the meal itself is healthy, when the portion is too big, there can still be a large number of calories. Try using portion-controlled dishes so that it’s not as tempting to fill up the entire plate.

Speaking of Restaurants

Many of our favorite eateries lure us in with images of pizza, healthy-looking salads, and delicious sauces. Our women’s health clinic is trying to say that you need to completely avoid going out and having a good time. But when it is time for a date night or a lunch with friends, it’s about making healthy decisions. This can mean asking for a half serving if it’s available, foregoing the cheese on the sandwich, ordering a bunless burger, or getting the dressing on the side of your salad. Another tip is to check out the menu beforehand so you know what they have available.

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Use Greek Yogurt

In a previous blog, our women’s health clinic discussed using healthy food substitutes, such as eggplant pasta and cashew queso. Now you can low-fat Greek yogurt to the list. Instead of a dollop of sour cream, a spoonful of Greek yogurt in your favorite meals and desserts can make a big difference. One container of Dannon Greek yogurt (170 grams) is 100 calories, which would be around 320 calories for the same amount of Daisy sour cream. That makes swallowing your three tacos really easy.

Try the ‘One One One’ Rule

A large part of what makes dieting so hard is knowing what our body needs to be healthy as well as fit and lean. You may know to cut back on sugar and fat, but some diets suggest cutting out carbohydrates and fat as well. While they aren’t wrong, you can still have a healthy diet with these types of food, and letting yourself eat that piece of bread will give you peace of mind. The ‘one one one’ rule lets you eat one carbohydrate, one protein, and one fat. This will let you eat the fries, but opt for that lettuce bun instead.

Our women’s health clinic wants you to not only feel great about your body, but we also want to give you the tools to make healthy decisions and be completely happy with them. For women, losing and maintaining weight can be a struggle, but with the right knowledge and healthy habits, we can work together to achieve your goals. Contact our women’s health clinic today to set up an appointment.